DIY Diamond Painting US Army Emblem - craft kit

DIY Diamond Painting US Army Emblem - craft kit

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DIY Diamond Painting.  US Army Emblem.   Square plastic bits that are attached to an adhesive canvas by assigned color. Pieces are about 2.5mmx2.5mm.  All colors and enough supplies to finish should be included.  This is meant to be able to be worked from youth to adult ages; if you want really fine detail, you will need the larger sizes. No needles or thread, this is all surface attachment of plastic on a solid canvas.  No frame or finishing materials, this is a do it yourself craft kit. 


20x25cm about 8x10in

25x25cm about 10x10in

20x30cm about 8x12in

30x30cm about 12x12in

30x40cm about 12x16in

35x45cm about 14x18in

40x40cm about 16x16in

40x45cm about 16x18in

40x50cm about 16x20in

40x60cm about 16x24in

40x70cm about 16x28in

45x60cm about 18x24in

50x50cm about 20x20in

50x60cm about 20x24in

50x70cm about 20x28in

50x100cm about 20x39in

50x110cm about 20x43in

60x60cm about 24x24in

60x70cm about 24x28in

60x80cm about 24x32in

60x90cm about 24x35in

60x100cm about 24x39i

Style: Europe
Material: Acrylic
Pattern Type: Solid
Diamond Shape: Square
Pasting Area: Full
External Packaging: Colored Box
Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
Frame: No
Number of Colors: 1-30