DIY Cross Stitch Southwest Pillow - yarn kit

DIY Cross Stitch Southwest Pillow - yarn kit

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DIY Cross Stitch Kit. Southwest Pillow.  Large count yarn cross stitch.  (not needlepoint).  Shows this to be printed mesh canvas, with a color chart, needle, and yarn.  .  No other stuffing, hanging, or finishing materials.  Also the pillow form, if you want to order that as well.


40x40cm about 16x16in


*This is not diamond embroidery.





Model Number: DDX0010
Package: PAPER BAG
Material: Mixture Textile
Style: European and American Style
Theme: Pillow/Bone-shape Pillow/Car Pillow
Canvas Printing Method: Hand Printed Canvas
Size: 40x40cm
Style: Pastorl, Modern
Theme: Animal, Flowers and Plants Series
Cushion Back / Pillow Core: NOT included