Diamond Painting Square or Round Drills Replacement Supplies 447 Colors

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Diamond Painting Replacement Drills.  If you would like to keep your own stock, or find replacements for missing, lost or spilled beads.  Square or round, in small packets of at least 200 drills.  Order in small lots of 5 bags, or one of each in the 447 color spectrum.  This will take a few weeks to arrive.  Opaque solid color cut drills only, these are interchangeable with any kits you have bought from any supplier.

You will need to send me a simple list of the specific colors you need and shape, for which bag sizes you are requesting, in your order.  Minimum is 5 bags of a single color, single shape. Each lot listing is for one color only, if by the single bag or KG, you cannot mix and match or get random colors, to reach quantities.

Use: Paintings
Style: Modern
Diamond Shape: Square/round
Frame: No
Brand Name: shuai rao
Material: Resin-based composite material
External Packaging: bag or box